Cordy Environmental Inc. provides environmental services throughout Alberta and Western Canada. Our services are offered to the oil, gas, production, industrial, commercial, and residential industries.

Here are some of the many projects that Cordy's environmental segment can help you complete:


  • "Day Lighting” exposing gas, electrical, phone, and cable lines

  • Contaminated soil and spill removal

  • Vessel cleaning, steam and pressure wash

  • Dangerous goods transport (DOT certified)

  • Trenching

  • Test holes

  • Locates

Drilling Rigs

  • Transfer and spread drilling fluids

  • Vacuum truck and water truck services

  • Coring programs

  • Sag D operations

  • Ice road construction

High Pressure Water Services

  • Pressure washing

  • Heat exchangers (cleaning)

  • Towers and vessels

  • 3D and 2D tools

  • Triple and Single TLE

  • Projects and turnarounds

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