Industry Segments

Cordy’s business strategy is to become a diversified revenue-, profit- and cash-generating company. The initial phase of our plan involved the acquisition of 11 well-run enterprises. These companies have been organized into 2 industry segments to balance risks, provide stability and deliver the best long-term results for Cordy’s employees and shareholders. Geographic diversity is also central to Cordy’s strategy. Wherever we operate, we are always engaged with the local communities, which in turn fuels solid relationships with our customers and employees.

Our environmental segment includes a variety of services including hydro-excavation, drilling rigs, water hauling and more. We serve many clients throughout Western Canada, including oil, gas and commercial industries. With 24-hour emergency response and GPS tracked equipment, Cordy is the right team to call for your environmental service needs.

Our construction segment includes services such as pipeline and facility maintenance, environmental spill cleanup and snow clearing. We follow all proper safety procedures when out on a job site, and our equipment is always in excellent condition. We serve many industries throughout Western Canada, including mines, municipal towns and more.

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